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. >> people have to be held accountable and it has to be fixed. >> the president responds to the irs scandal. the word that made some groups target for the tax man. >> bullets fly at a mother's day parade. now video of the gunman as he opened fire on the crowd. >> and in the wake of last week's deadly accident on the bay, a youth racing team decides to bail out of the america's cup. >> did you feel it this afternoon? a couple degrees cooler than over the weekend. the cooldown is not done yet. find out how chilly the afternoons will get. we have the sunshine now. find out when clouds are coming back as well. the forecast in about 10 minutes. ,,,,,, news the i-r-s gave extra scrutiny to politically conservative gr. >> outrage is growing over news that the irs gave extra scrutiny to politically conservative group. we have how the president addressed the issue for the first time today. >> reporter: president obama says he will not tolerate political bias at the irs. >> people have to be held accountable and it has to be fixed. >> reporter: answering questions at a news conference with britain's
the power of the irs to go after money stashed overseas. in today's cover story, gaga for google. investors rush to buy shares as the tech giant takes the wraps off hot new products. plus, spilling the truth on why gourmet coffee prices are set to spike. and, gatsby glams up the box office. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, may 16th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: traders and investors will look for the record run in the stock market to continue, especially the dow, which has had a record 20 closing highs. yesterday, the dow closed up 60 points. the nasdaq gained 9 points as google soared to an all-time high, and the s&p cruised to a record finish. gold futures, however, slipped below 1400 as the dollar gained. oil inched up 13 cents. president obama pushes for integrity at the irs. he's already accepted the resignation of the acting commissioner of the agency. he's holding a news conference today. activists are at it again. this time hedge fund manager barry ro
"happening now" the ousted i.r.s. chief grilled on capitol hill. go pair >> i believe the conclusions are consistent with that. what happened here is that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> he was asked multiple times to name names, assign blame but he would not go there. >> the inspector general, what did the inspector general have to say about his findings? >> we know from our reporting this week that a lot of these organizations were asked for the political affiliation of their top leadership, who their donors are. we know in some cases donor information was leaked in the middle of the presidential campaign, including a california group that was protraditional marriage. so here is the inspector general on some of those questions. >> the i.r.s. requested unnecessary information for many political cases, in fact 987170 cases that received follow-up requests for information from the i.r.s. had unnecessary questions. our evidence indicates that staff at the determination's unit in cincinnati sent these letters out with littl
for thinking he should go home. on monday the headline was gop and seeksama apology robe of irs for singling out tea party. on wednesday, irs gave a pass to liberals. here is a cry of pain from a major fundraiser for mitt romney. >> three federal audits at once. tax breaks for the makers of the ads that poisoned our airwaves. >> that is also a scandal. the town isy, turning on obama. all of the ingredients are in place for a good old-fashioned pile on. i know it is christmas time for republicans. how bad is it for the president? >> it is a test. theagenda is put on hold, stories are negative, and the question is, can he take control of it? and he owned it and be the authority figure and demand answers, realistic answers people are going to accept? >> can the president get from under this one? >> can he owned his own government? he is a buy standard. i read about it in the newspaper. the attorney general asked about the ap story, the dragnet of the phone calls. i have no idea. i can't remember when i recused myself. i was having lunch of the time. these guys want to get elected, they pretend
in the newspaper, the i.r.s. situation, the f.b.i. investigation, the "associated press." he hears about it and says so. the other part is the government seems to be getting in our face. >> you elected in president obama somebody who believes in a larger role for government. i mean, that is the opposite of the tea party. chris: why doesn't he want to run the government? >> that's a very good question. because i think this is a president who has disdane for the political side of the job, but he likes the intellectual side of the job. chris: what about the executive side of the job? >> part of that executive side of the job i would argue would not be just having a chairman offensive for the last couple of months, but actually getting to know the person he has to work with for the last years. chris: i agree with everything i have heard so far. david, credibility, the inspector general has investigated the i.r.s. office especially some cincinnati. they say there was no political motivation found out there. does the country believe that? do you believe that? >> well, on that i'm going to with
of anger from the president as two scandals grow, one involving the irs. and in the other, he hits back at his critics over benghazi. >>> disaster zone. a slow-moving emergency taking shape in northern california as a neighborhood is sinking into the earth, while half a nation away an unbelievable sight in minnesota -- a wave of ice comes crashing on shore. >>> at what cost? the american quest to stay in fashion and what people should now know about where it is made. why some big companies are acting the way they are after a tragedy that claimed more than a thousand lives. >>> and the royal touch. prince harry, the combat veteran, mixing it up with american combat veterans over their shared bond. american combat veterans over their shared bond. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. in plain english the irs isn't popular to begin with. they go after our money and collect our taxes. when it looks like they are going after certain people, when the irs is used as a political tool because of the politics of groups or individuals, that isn'
scandals posing a threat to the obama administration, the irs, benghazi and the department of justice assault on the first amendment rights of the associated press. we begin with the brewing i.r.a. scandal president obama speaking moments ago after he met with senior treasury officials on the i.r.a. situation and confirming the personnel changes are of the way. >> we will hold the responsible parties accountable and just today i directed secretary lew to follow-up on the ig audit to see how this happened and who is responsible to make sure we understand all the facts. today secretary lew took the first debt by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs because given the cootroversy surrounding this audit is important to institute new leadership to help restore confidence calling for word. lou: a stunning turnaround in just 24 hours and it began with press secretary carney refusing to it meant the irs had done anything wrong. here is what he said yesterday. wait for the action of the independent investigator the inspector general before we can jump t
>> thanks, everyone. >> john: tonight on "viewpoint," john boehner demands an arrest in the i.r.s. scandal despite the fact that zero laws were broken. tea party hates them, welfare queens. but after this week with the i.r.s. scrutiny, d.o.j., a.p. scandal and the never ending exploitation of benghazi, this week has been like christmas for the tea party. later, we'll be joined by the world's greatest authority on christmas and the tea party leader in the show who may not like the presidency. s birthday of liberace and janet jackson. this is also my dream wedding band combo. on this date in 1929, the first ever academy awards were handed out in hollywood but it doesn't count as the oscars because weinstein wasn't around yet to buy off the entire academy. >> john: i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." thank you so much for joining us this evening. call it tea party christmas. call it the scandalous week ever. call the apocalypse. this week was definitely one the president and his administration would like to soon forget but that won't be the case for republicans and their base wh
for just this scandal. >> this sounds like a president somewhat drunk on power. >> if irs personnel were intentionally targeting conservative groups, they have to be held fully accountable. >> this was a targeting of the president's political enemies. >> the president starts to lose control of the agenda? can't govern. >> everything i've ever said about obama is true. >> i'm going to do everything i can over the next 3 1/2 years. >> he's a secret muslim shape shifting alien from kenya who is coming for our guns. >> continue to reach out to my republican friends on the other side of the aisle, because i sure want to do some governing. >>> good afternoon. we begin with a rough 72 hours for the white house. with a confluence of three apparent scandals now swirling around the administration. already under siege over the benghazi and irs stories, the administration now faces a fresh round of scrutiny. this time with questions about the freedom of the press. the "associated press" disclosed late monday the justice department secretly obtained records on more than 20 separate phone lines used b
to announce the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs. now, that departure comes days after we learned about the tax agency's efforts to target conservative organizations during the 2012 election cycle. we'll have much more on the president's remarks and the fallout from the irs's enemies list scandal over the course of the next hour. now, meanwhile tonight the white house has released 100 pages of emails related to the benghazi talking points. now, republicans have been asked for this informationsto be made public for quite some time as they continue to investigate who was responsible for editing these documents. now, you may recall that the white house has denied making any substantive revisions prior to susan rice's appearances on the five sunday talk shows, but is there anything in this unexpected document dump to prove otherwise? our very own james rosen has been scouring the emails has the answers. james? >> these emails raise a number of questions, but already appear on their face to contradict statements by white house press secretary jay carney. here's one of them. >>
: before we go if you've had problems with the irs go to ask tell us. there is a special posting for you. good night from washington. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> my main concern is fixing the problem. >> and there are plenty of them to be fixed. the president is facing scrutiny on three fronts. >> when we express concern about leaks at a time when i still have got 60,000 plus troops in afghanistan, my job is to make sure that we're protecting what they do. >> tonight, we will update you on where all the controversy stands and talk to three individuals who are very skeptical of mr. obama charles krauthammer, congressman darrell issa, and laura ingraham will weigh in. why are you mounting this kind of support for him? >> there is just not enough evidence. it's just insane. i mean, he is not a terrorist. it's hard to believe that thousands of young women apparently are enthralled with the capture terrorist dzhokhar tsarnaev. we will try to get to the bottom of that. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill:
absolutely. i think the ap story depending on how far the irs story goes can consume the presidency depending on how far and how high the irs was. >> stranger danger. >> it's way too early this morning, but here is chuck. >> trifecta with accusations over ben gaza skpetghazi and th. the justice department secretly read phone records of their reporters. an unprecedented role. we will talk to one member of congress who represents the area and talk about whether class will do this. a deep dive into the upcoming election in iran where that country's abrasive president is on the way out and hundreds of candidates are trying to take his place in a rocket filing deadline over the weekend. >> good morning. it's tuesday, may 14th and time for "the daily rundown." here's chuck todd. >> thanks to maple syrup farmer for sending us that video. keep them coming. let's get to the first reads of the morning. monday night with supporters in new york after what was a rough 72 hours made no mention of what is three major controversies and distractions swirling around his administration. he did share f
and actions taken by personnel within the irs turns out to be true, then people should be held accountable. >> jay carney there referencing the other big scandal besides the ap thing, the scandal involving irs and friday, we first started getting reports of alleged wrong doing of the irs, specifically on how it came to how acts were evaluating different groups applying for tax exempt status. that they singled out group conservative groups, flagging scrutiny on their applications. since then, there's been some indication that the irs official who first apologized on friday also had tried to fix this problem last year. also, the white house has denied any knowledge of what was going in the irs at the irs on this issue. the acting commissioner of the irs appears to have been briefed on the problem before fielding questions, but when members of congress asked him about it, he did not mention he knew there was a problem even though the irs said there was a problem and now tonight, you finally get the inspector general's report that purports to explain what happened. one of the questions, whose
to the president about whether anybody at the white house new what the irs was doing before the report came out, was awesome, and we are now check with the white house to find out why his answer was nonresponsive. >> megyn: maybe we'll get a followup between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. >> shepard: we'll get a followup. see you later. news begins anew on studio b. another headache for the obama administration. a just released government report says the feds lost track of some suspected terrorists. the jet department is fighting back in a big way against the claims. the latest controversy it's trying to tamp down. at the white house, another story rocking d.c., reporters asking the president, did anybody at the white house know that the irs was targeting conservative groups? it's kind of an important question. did anybody know at the white house that the irs was targeting conserve conservative groups? we need an answer, the way president obama is answering is raising new questions. >>> devastation in reports of northern texas. deadly tornadoes destroyed homes and right now there are big fears that pe
this morning from white house press core opresscorps on irs scandala direct question about whether anyone in white house knew of irs targeting of conservative groups before the inspector general a report was leaked. >> let me make sure that i answer a specific quest um, i can assure you that i certainly did not know anythin abou the igrespect, before the risk g reportheig report had bee press. lou: some might consider that an artful dodge for the president, but it seems to b more evasion, and dlect, and hardly a straight answer, that leads to us treasury department, and internal revenue service. ting irs commissione stephen miller was fir informed on may 3 of last year, about his agency's practe of targets conservatives, and tea party groups alying for t exempt status, miller failedo inform congress for more than a year even as he wrote numerous letter to congress in which he explained how tax exempt approval, the process, worked. trsury secretary jack lew. did not speak about the irs admission for 5 days. he waited 5 days before making any sort of comment to the american people, and stat
that the investigation would continue until the american people knew the full truth. irs commissioner stephen miller took responsibility for his failings and abusive acts of his department despite his inability to answer principal questions. a noble gesture from a man who was scheduled to leave this position prior to the president demanding his resignation. we have more on what was a volatile session on capitol hill. >> i resigned because, as the acting commissioner, what happens in the irs, whether i was personally involved or not, stopped at my desk. i should be held accountable for what happens. >> was the irs using inappropriate right area in its review? >> yes. >> did the irs ask inappropriate questions? againn yes. >> i alerted the general counsel on june 4 and i do not have the date, alerted the deputy secretary. >> they were aware of complaints ahead of the presidential election. one file for nonprofit status and the fbi domestic terrorism got involved and her business and personal returns or audited. >> the irs never told the american people or their representatives about this simple truth. in f
are taking this. we will not stop until we get to that. we have tens of thousands of irs employees that have this stigma. it is a rough job. we owe it to them. we all went to the civil service who has nothing to do with it. we deserve an answer that will give confidence. that is the bottom line. it is maybe a little too late for the congress to recover, but certainly as it relates to the irs, they certainly deserve better than what they are getting today. congressman wrangle who have been involved in the questioning earlier. thank you for your minutes. thank you. let's go back to capitol hill. let's rejoin the hearing. >> it is not based on any fact associated to this investigation to this date. let me move to an area where i disagree with some of my democratic colleagues and their comments this morning. i do not believe that there is any lack of clarity in the statute this morning. the statute that is in effect has been in effect for decades. it requires before there is tax exempt status, as the crew group , as the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington, you are to be denied t
welcome to hannity. tonight there is fresh fallout from the irs enemies list targeting conservatives. earlier today, lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the top official at the tax agency ousted commissioner steve miller during a firey hearing. now, there was several bomb shell revealations for starters during his testimony today miller admitted that the apology made last week by irs lawyer lois learner was staged. watch this. >> do you know miss celia roady a member of the advisory council on tax exempt and government entities? >> i do. >> was her question to ms. learner about targeting conservative groups planned in advance? >> i believe that we talked about that, yes. >> no, miller also acknowledged that the irs knew about the scandal in may of last year. since you were not able to watch owl of today's testimony here are some of the highlights. >> we were told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being misled. that is lying. >> this is very chilling for the american people. i know that where you are at and you are going to -- you are resigning and walking away f
. much busier in the news. let's go through everything that happened yesterday. >>> the irs. attorney general eric holder is ordering a criminal investigation into the irs' targeting of conservative groups. this after an internal government watchdog blamed ineffective management for the scandal. a report by the treasures inspector general concluded that the cincinnati office of the irs used inappropriate criteria to single out tea party groups adding that there was insufficient oversight by management. the report also revealed that some applications for nonprofit status were delayed, some for as long as three years. a "usa today" analysis found that during the same time, the irs approved dozens of liberal groups for the same applications. last night, president obama said in a statement, the reports findings are intolerable and inexcusable, promising to follow through on the inspector general's recommendations. the white house has denied any role in the irs scandal but republicans say the administration can't be trusted. >> what we don't know at this point is whether it jumped the fenc
exempt organizations for the irs. >> they used names like tea party or patriots and selected cases simply because the application had those names in the title. that was wrong, the irs would like to apologize for that. >> oh, okay, thank you. i appreciate -- wait a minute. i didn't realize apologies were sufficient in irs related issues. but don't worry, it gets funnier. >> i said that about a quarter of the cases that were selected for full developments had either tea party or patriot in their name. >> okay. sorry. thank you for the clarification, but that would be a quarter of the 300, so we're talking 75 or so. >> is that a correct? that's correct. thank you, i'm not good at math. >> that's a good one. that's a good one. lady who works at the place that calculates people's taxes. >> wow. >> good morning. it's tuesday, may 14th, mike, you said you woke up this morning -- >> 1973. >> 1973, reading the paper. this is just stunning. it just keeps coming in waves, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> the state department stuff and the irs. >> the irs stuff. it's a huge story. >> it's frightening what hap
and watch it. i'm connell. dagen: who did it? the president jetsons the acting irs commissioner, but the concern is who made the call at the irs to go after those conservative groups? more republicans are saying they want someone to serve time over this. connell: wal-mart sales down, unemployment lines growing faster than expected, and the debate on where the economy is really headed. >> rising cost of natural disasters like the deadly tornadoes in texas. those stories and, oh, so much more coming up on "markets now." ♪ connell: is situation when you mean it when you say "so much more"? dagen: a lot going on, and maybe we'll share what goes on in the commercial breaks and before the commercial breaks. you don't care. i do. we care about stocks. every 15 # minutes we check in with nicole. what's going on? >> i'm sure the viewers would be interested to know what goes on before the show and duller the commercial breaks. the markets, a mixed bag, nasdaq up about a quarter percent, dow and s&p pulling back after record setting days and more record setting days. the s&p closed nine
, benghazi and the irs. today, the irs admits its agents targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny. >> i don't think you accidentally focus on the tea party, but it wouldn't be the first time the irs has been used for political purposes. >> our sunday exclusive with republican susan collins. >> the irs has done everything possible to deny access to the information that would outline the truth. >> before, after and during the attack thomas pickering was part of the panel that looks into it all. he joins us with his take. and a shocking pentagon report estimating more than 25,000 sexual assaults are committed every year in the military. >> this is not only a crime against a victim, this is a betrayal to your unit. >> the problem and the fix with two iraq war veterans now serving on capitol hill. hawaii's tulsy gabbert. and our panel on the irs, rand paul and hillary clinton. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." joining me now senator susan collins of maine. thank you, senator collins, for being here. here's what we know so far about the irs. we will have an inspector genera
now. double trouble for the administration, benghazi and the irs. >> today the irs admits the agents targeted tea party group for extra scrutiny. >> i don't think you accidentally focus on the tea party but it wouldn't be the first time the irs has been used for political purposes. >> our exclusive with susan collins of maine on the irs and benghazi. >> the white house has done everything possible to block access to the information that would outline the truth. >> before, during and after the attack. former ambassador thomas pickering is part of a panel that looked in it to all. he joins us. and a shocking pentagon report estimating 25,000 sexual assaults are committed every year in military. >> this is not only a crime against the victim. this is a betrayal to your unit. >> the problem and the fix with two iraq war veterans serving on capitol hill. hawaii's gabbert and tammy duckworth of illinois. and our panel on tea parties in the irs, republicans and benghazi, rand paul and hillary clinton. i'm candy crowley. this is "state of the union." joining me now senator susan collins of m
tonight with two irs scandals. one that is positively roiling the beltway and the country and another that has received so little attention it might as well be a secret. the president today responded to the scandal everyone's heard about, the one that broke open. when the irs admitted the agency targeted for extra scrutiny conservative and tea party groups seeking nonprofit status. >> this is pretty straightforward. if, in fact, irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that had been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous. and there's no place for it. and, they have to be held fully accountable. i've got no patience with it, i'll not tolerate it and we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> the president taking the position pretty much all reasonable people are taking on this scandal, which is that it's outrageous that a government agency would be targeting political groups based on ideology. it's unacceptable and the sort of thing that cannot be allowed to happen in this country. but that scandal does not
has trouble on three fronts as you may know. the irs illegally investigating conservatives. the assassination of libyan ambassador christopher stephens still not defined after eight months. and the justice department secretly obtaining the phone records of some journalists. today, the president met with the turkish prime minister who looked a little confused and then answered questions about the three controversies. we begin with the irs deal. >> i'm outraged by this in part because, look, i'm a public figure. if a future administration is starting to use the tax laws to favor one party over another or one political view over another, obviously we are all vulnerable. >> bill: okay. mr. obama fired the irs acting director last night and replaced him today with another bureaucrat. but there is deep suspicion in some circles that the liberal obama administration created an atmosphere where far left zealots in the irs were basically unsupervised. they could do what they want. that's a hard charge to prove but, there is no question that mr. obama's administration is ideological.
the question what he faced being called accountable means. should people lose their job. >> what the irs did of course isnexcusable. >> the actions of the department have in fact impaired the first amendment. >> said that this process has been contaminated maliciously, so why don't you let -- >> take a look at what you're describing. >> owe mother [bleep]. what did you do ?!. neil:ven jon stewart. get ready, mr. president. you either get ahea of this or your head they will be calling for next on this. welcome everybod, i'm neil cavuto. even charliesrangling, congressman charli rangel says tis irs thing is over the stop he wants to g the bottom of it right now. the congressman is on the phone. congressman, what do you make of all this. >> i think it is orageous. i think it undercuts the credibility of our country, of your treasury department. i'm glad that the president feels this way. we got to see some action. we've got to determine, even before the hearings are on frid, who is responsible r this, this conduct. this is irresponsible and there is no justification. neil: do you think, congre
the justice department and the fbi are looking into the reports the irs targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny in the runup to the 2012 election. today the white house says it's wait forge the inspector general's finding set to come out before digit any punishment. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. the senate majority leader harry reid just weighed in on this as well, it's my understanding. what did he say? >> senator reid says he has spoken with the chairman of the finances committee, max bachus, and they have spoken about the need to hold hearings soon and figure out what could be done. the majority leader reid threw ther is under the bus. >> what the irs did is inexcusable. but this is not the first time we have seen this. wasn't long ago that the irs inappropriately targeted naacp, green peace, and california church who was progressive. >> so, reid making note this has cut both ways. the irs has overreached in both directions and he notes we're waiting for the independent report from the treasury inspector general. >> shepard: the top republican in the senate has called nor th
benghazi about and then they say the irs and now the doj. you never know with our media will put up with everything. a.p.'s editor called obama clearly distressing. that is an understatement. what can you expect president obama snooping on the a.p. is like a husband keeping tabs on his wife. why don't you trust me. after all that dirt i dug up, you still don't love me. but it's on a.p. for trusting obama. left's golden rule, all is permissible but i need not tolerated you which is why you can target the tea party. sadly the a.p. knows what that is like. so we've got three scandals a flurry of corruption that has heads spinning faster an load of wet laundry. if there was profession that cover such events we can dream but today journalists love obama. they are like the memphis mafia, to keep elvis presley happy and that ended well. each scandal is a flied bacon and peanut butter sandwich. it's not so bad when the heart of the administration finally gives out. >> andrea, what happened to no drama obama. this guy is lifetime channel mini series. when this is s in going to stop? >> andre
white house, more trouble. that was then. hearing the back and forth today, this irs thing, much different now? >> what did the president know and when did he know it. >> who started the targeting? who knew? when did they know and how high did it go? >> neil: weird. this is the acting irs commissioner, steven miller, found himself in the hot seat after the agency was found to be cargoing conservative groups. miller blowing it off as foolishing mistakes but wasn't providing many answers. >> how can we not conclude you misled this committee? >> was a lot of questions. >> it's one. how can we conclude you did not mislead this committee. >> i did not mislead the committee. >> are you aware of the analogy of any listening twices in the oval office of the president? >> i was aware of listening devices, yes, sir. >> you're the commissioner, who was responsible? >> i don't have that name, sir. >> why don't you have the name? >> i was originally -- >> have you asked anybody? >> did you say these things as an advocate, that should continue or as an example why it should not continue? >> as
as it begins. i am lori rothman. melissa: i am melissa francis. lori: the irs catching the same amount of heat after documents show the chief knew about the agencies targeting tea party groups for about a year now. melissa: the u.s. oil bill leaving opec in the dust. signaling north american oil will signal growth over the next five years. lori: jamie dimon considering leaving if he is stripped of the chairman title. melissa: a good day and wall street. let's head to the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides. nicole: a great day on wall street. it seems to be a real winning day. we are seeing action to the upside. we are seeing the s&p 500 up also. the nasdaq at the highest level since 2000. the vix, the fear index, just slightly to the upside. you can see how many of these names are up to and 3%. goldman sachs up 3.25%. we are seeing transport with of arrows. retailers and drugs. let's also take a look at dell. dell was out to report its numbers. it will report its numbers on thursday. a lot of anticipation for these numbers. lori: so much news today. thank you, nicole. secretly obtainin
again and also look at some of the laws that create a bunch of ambiguity in which the irs may not have enough guidance and may not be clear about exactly what they should be doing. the american people should have confidence that the tax laws are being applied fairly and evenly. in terms of the white house and reporting, i think that you have that information from mr. carney and others. i promise you this, the minute that i found out about it, my main focusshas been making sure that we get this thing fixed. i think that it will be sufficient for us to be working with congress. they have a whole bunch of committees. they have ig is already there. they will be recommending an investigation. attorney general holder also announced a criminal investigation of what happens. between those investigations, i think we will be able to figure out exactly what happened, who was involved, what went wrong and we will be able to implement steps to fix it. that, ultimately is the main priority that i have and i think the american people have. we have an agency that has enormous potential power and is in
area. those stories and much more at 6:00. >> pelley: tonight a criminal investigation of the i.r.s. was i.r.s. targeting of political groups a crime? the justice department opens the case. nancy cordes and wyatt andrews on what the i.r.s. did. the f.b.i. reveals that it sees phone records from 100 reporters. bob orr tells us why. phone records from 100 reporters. >> it was the most difficult decision to make in my life. >> pelley: and refugees from syria sell their daughters in a desperate bid to stay alive in the midst of civil war. clarissa ward investigates. >> how does that make you feel to marry off a 13-year-old girl? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. two images playing side by side told the story of this day. the president's chief spokesman answering questions about the developing scandal at the i.r.s. at the same moment that his attorney general was taking questions about another controversy in which the administration secretly seized phone records from a major news organization. we're going to start with
in the coming weeks? >> with respect to the irs, i spoke yesterday. my main concern is axing a problem. we began that process yesterday and accepting the resignation of the acting director. we will be putting in new leadership they'll be able to make sure that they are following up on the audit, that we gather up the facts, and hold accountable those who have taken these outrageous actions. it is just simply unacceptable for there to even be a hint of partisanship or ideology when it comes to the inaction of our tax forms. the marines are going to good -- look good next to us. i have a change of suits. i do not know about our prime minister. there we go. you guys, i am sorry. let me make sure that i answer the specific question. ican assure you that certainly did not know anything about the ig report before it had been leaked through press. s areally the ig report not supposed to be widely distributed or shared. they tend to be a process that everybody is trying to in that -- attack the integrity of. what i am absolutely certain of is that the actions that were described in that report are unacc
. if in fact irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on, and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous. and there is no place for it. and they have to be held fully accountable. >> meanwhile, today, tea party favorite in florida senator marco rubio called for steven miller to step down. he said, quote, it is clear the irs cannot operate with even a shred of the american he's amendment confidence under the current leadership. and it is drawing criticism from the democrats as well. the actions of the irs are unacceptable and unamerican. virginia senator tim kaine said there's no excuse for ideological discrimination in our system. the flood gates have open. i have senator shaheen with a comment. senator warren, ron johnson as well. so aed in gate of lawmakers now commenting on this irs scandal from both sides of the aisle. >> absolutely. that flood gate will surely open up to investigations that will be conducted by the senate and the house. chairman baucus saying he will use his committee in order to look at what happened at the irs.
in on scandals like benghazi and the irs targeting conservative groups. breaking news on a potential third scandal. this one involves the justice department and the associated press. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge here with breaking details. >> the president of the associated press confirms in a letter to eric holder the department of justice seized records from more than 27 phone lines assigned to the associated press and journalists affecting ap bureaus in new york city. hartford, connecticut and the house of representatives. the letter states that the extraordinary action was taken without advanced notice to the a.p. or journalists affected. in possible justification for overbroad communications of the associated press and its reporters. these records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources. we regard this action by the department of justice as a serious interference with the a.p.'s constitutional rights to gather and report the news. while the justice department's investigation and its apparent connection to the a.p. have not been publicly dispo
is served. moments ago, a government watchdog issued a report blaming ineffective management at the irs for allowing agents to improperly target tea party groups. this just comes hours after attorney general eric holder announced a criminal investigation to learn if any laws were broken. >> i have ordered an investigation to be begun. the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken in connection with those matters related to the irs. those were, i think as everyone can agree, if not criminal, they were certainly outrageous and unacceptable. but we are examining the facts to see if there were criminal violations. >> the attorney general also addressed another controversy that we're learning more about today. the justice department's decision to secretly seize telephone records of journalists working for the associated press. this apparently centered on an a.p. story from may 2012 that appeared to contain leaked details about a cia operation in yemen that stopped an al qaeda plot. law enforcement officials were trying to find out who leaked that informat
is likely to be the issue of the i.r.s. admitting it paid particularly close attention some conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. the other is the justice department's secret subpoena of "the associated press"'s phone records over the course of two months. as for the latter, holder claims he recused himself from the national security leak investigation that led the d.o.j. to ask for the a.p. a calls. the government is looking into what may have leaked information pertaining to a foiled terrorist plot that the a.p. reported back in may of 2012. holder said it was out of an abundance of caution because of his frequent contact with the media. however he did categorize the national security leak as one of the most serious he's ever seen. as you for the i.r.s.'s poor decision make, holder said he is launching an investigation into what happened and whether or not there are any criminal violations but an i.r.s. inspector general report says the agency's behavior was incompetent but not malicious and not politically motivated. the report says the white house was not involved in
potential misdeeds at the i.r.s. and the seizure of reporters' phone records. the u.s. attorney general faced questions before the house judiciary committee, and the administration came under new criticism. >> now, my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is who is going to jail over this scandal. >> ifill: house speaker john boehner led the way this morning, as republicans stepped up demands for action in the scandal at the internal revenue service. >> there are laws in place to prevent this type of abuse. someone made a conscious decision to harass and to hold up these requests for tax-exempt status. >> ifill: that followed last night's release a report from a treasury department inspector general. it found: and there was more: "u.s.a. today" reported that during the same period, the i.r.s. "approved perhaps dozens of applications from similar liberal and progressive groups." on the senate floor, republican minority leader mitch mcconnell pressed the white house to make sure the i.r.s. cooperates fully with congressional investigators. >> these allegations are seriou
the head of the irs. or announced his resignation had been accepted. >>> also, the whole benghazi scandal, the months-long scandal went away today. >>> the attorney general got grilled for four solid hours today, and today at grand central station in new york city, iran and america wrestled. and it was not a metaphor. there was actual physical wrestling in the train station. >>> also, there was a mystery toddler today in washington. watch this. watch for the toddler. >> we'll do that, and given the relationship you and i have mr. former chairman, we'll try to get back to you in a more timely fashion than we did on that first one. >> than a year, appreciated. >> gentleman from north carolina, mr. watt. >> mr. attorney general, i'm going to just ask you a couple questions -- >> hey, who's the toddler? north carolina congressman mel watt, who did have questions for the attorney general, but who most of all will be remembered as the guy who brought the adorable toddler who's apparently named niko into the middle of the washington maelstrom today. hi, niko, god bless him. that was my favorite
>>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" -- on the griddle. the fired irs chief in the hot seat. over his agency's targeting of conservative political groups. >>> as acting commissioner i wants to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >>> is an apology enough? congressional republicans want to know why steven miller did not disclose the targeting after being told of it last year. >> when asked the truth, and you know the truth and you have a legal responsibility to inform others of the truth, but you don't share that truth, what is that called? >> i always answer questions truthfully, mr. camp. >> you knew the targeting was taking place. you knew the terms tea party, patriots were being used. you just acknowledged a minute ago that they were outrageous and then when you were asked about this after you were briefed about this, that was the answer you gave us? how can we not conclude that you misled this committee? >> so that was a lot of questions, sir. >> it's one, how can we conclude that you did not misle
outrageous at today's irs hearing you'd be in for one mother of a hangover. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead. today irs stands for, i'm really sorry. the ousted chief apologizing for the agency singling out conservative groups but our guest republican congressman paul ryan says he didn't get any straight answers. >>> the politics lead. the nra no longer just an election year threat for gun control supporting politicians. we're breaking the news right now. the nra is now helping to lead the recall effort to yank at least one elected official out of office in the middle of his term. we'll hear from the target himself, a man who led the effort to pass sweeping gun control in his state. the president of the colorado state senate. >>> and the pop lead. they were destined to adorn the wrists and ear lobes and necks of the world's most famous people, but now the stars will have to find some different bling after a heist at the cannes film festival. good afternoon. we begin with the national lead. >>> now the irs knows what it's like to be on the business end of an audit. a
answers, so today congress tried to get them by holding the firstd to hearing on the irs scandal. outgoing commissioner steven miller was called to testify before the house, ways and means committee and he had a lotto explaining to do.mean >> as acting commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes that we made and the poor service we provided. >> do you believe it is illegal for employees of the irs to create lists to target individual groups and citizens in thisindi country? >> i don't believe it is. ev the terms tea party, patriots were being used. p you justa acknowledged a minute ago they were outrageous, and then when you were asked about this after you were briefed about this, that was the answere you gave us? how can we not conclude that yos misled this committee? >> i did not mislead the meet committee. >> can you assure this committee that none of the information provided the irs by these groups was shared or given to any other federal agency? >> i would or be shocked, congressman, if that happened. shocked. >> i think they're just ge
at the irs knew about targeting conservatives a year ago and extended way beyond the cincinnati office. the white house says it didn't know. eric holder, justice department, secretly tapped the phone line, personal lines, cell phones included and the white house says it didn't know. the financial impact. the president's agenda of tax, spend and obamacare will be affected by these scandals and he must play defense with the hearings on investigations that are looming. his political clout takes a hit. "varney & company" about to begin. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] when people talk, great things happen. ...amelia... neil and buzz: fo
. >> shannon: a firestorm over the irs decision to target certain political groups is getting hotter. a draft by the inspector general is calling into question who knew what, when. hadt says that senior officials at the irs knew that agency were putting tea peafert groupsurn the microscope. but the irs is pinning it on low-level employees, saying it was not politically motivate the doos doos has -- peter doocy has more. >> reporter: lawmakers are fired up about the irs targeting groups that. and it will add to the distrust that many have of the federal government. >> it is absolutely chill that this irs was singling out conservative groups for extra review. i think it's very disappointing that the president hasn't personally condemned this. >> reporter: nearly two full years ago on june 29, 2011, lois learner, the director of the irs division in charge of tax-exempt status was part of a briefing where she learned groups were set sside for extra security if they had tea party, patriot or 912 in their title. and those with government debt had their cases stont specialists. learner ordered that
at the internal revenue service. it may do little to satisfy critics. president obama called the irs targeting of conservative groups inexcusable. nancy cordes joins us from capitol hill. >> the white house was under pressure to take action fast and show they were taking the situation seriously. so the president met with the treasury secretary and then announced that the head of the irs had been fired. shortly after being fired, the acting commissioner of the irs returned to his home in suburban washington. steven miller 25-year agency veteran had no comment for cameras, but in an international e-mail to irs employees, he wrote, i believe the service will benefit from having a new acting commissioner in place during this challenging period." >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: president obama agreed, and called it the first of several steps needed to restore the public's trust in the irs. a treasury department investigation found the agency had used inappropriate criteria to single out conservative groups with names like tea party, 9-12. >> i hadwill not tolerate
.com. >> taxing hearing, denials, apologies and heated exchanges between irs officials and lawmakers on the hearing on capitol hill. did we get any answers? >> what a finish. another record for stocks, logging four straight weeks of gains. are things about to get volatile for investors? >> speaking of volatility, six flags has faclimbed to great heights and in the end, it made the ultimate comeback. that and more on "nightly business report" for friday, may 17th. >> top story tonight, another banner week for the stock market and new record closes for the dow and the s & p 500, and it was a stunning rally. eight blue chips hit all-time highs. more than 140 stocks in the s & p closed at all-time highs, and the year end price charge on the s & p was raised to 1750. if they are right, the s & p would finish 2013 with a gain of 20%. dow surged to 15,354, a new record. and the s & p added 15 points to 16 and the nasdaq jumped 36 points. a record-setting week on wall street. >> another day, another record. the dow closed at another historic high. all of the major indices except for the nasd
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